Outreach of applications for society


In today’s world of instant communication, in which we have become accustomed to a rapid and continual flow of information, concrete examples on the impact of science need to be readily available to address a variety of target audiences. In addition to the quest for knowledge and satisfying curiosity, there will always be pressure from taxpayers for justification of fundamental research funding, requesting tangible examples of return to society.


Working Group focused on the need to produce engaging stories with a human touch. These often present the most impactful and effective means to communicate successful applications for the benefit of society from fundamental research to the public.


We aim to provide a powerful tool for the science outreach community when approaching different non-scientifically educated stakeholders by:


- Collecting the knowledge transfer success stories published at different places and to make them available through the IPPOG web page and resource database. 

- Writing new stories with clear message connecting science to everyday lives of citizens

- Create dedicated online platform with categorised list of stories with interesting metadata 


This would help to:  


Show importance of fundamental research (PP and related sciences) for global sustainable development to all audiences

- Inspire the young generation to become interested in STEM education 


Barbora Bruant Gulejova

Barbora Bruant Gulejova

Yiota Foka

Yiota Foka